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Wrist, arm, shoulder, neck and back pain are the most common complaints by nail techs.

These are results of bad posture due to clients not being in the ideal position when receiving their services. These same results can be ending the career of a nail tech if not actively controlled. There is now a patented solution to better control client position and reduce the chance of suffering injury due to non-cooperative clients. Meet the ERGO Lift.

CLIENTS get tired, too!
  • The Ergo Lift is a PLATFORM to REST the forearm, wrist, and palm.
  • It has a WRIST GUIDE to make sure the arm stays in ALIGNMENT with the hand.
  • Clients begin to flex and stiffen up when the hand is out of alignment with the arm.
  • Now you can allow them to relax without the need to HOLD up their arm while they get their service.
  • Whether you have a new client or a long term client, they are going to LOVE the ERGO LIFT.
  • SAY GOODBYE to FIGHTING for hand position.

  • All that extra MOVEMENT and reminders to RELAX the hand adds TIME to the service and hurts wrists, arms, shoulders, back, and neck!


    Every nail technician has been faced with clients who can’t hold still for one reason or another. We have tried to correct their body so we can work efficiently without compromising our body position. It just doesn’t work.
    We end up moving our body out of alignment so we can see what we are doing. The weight of the client’s hand and arm moves from our hand, up the arm, to the shoulder, neck, and back. We leave the salon feeling worn out and in pain. We have no energy to do anything else.

    Nail technicians do so much for so many. We deserve to enjoy our free time and NOT spend it recovering JUST so we can go back to work the next day!

    The inventor of Ergo Lift, Lori Halloway, says: "I was on the brink of losing my career due to repetitive use injuries and Psoriatic Arthritis. I was lucky to recover from cervical spinal surgery in 2014, but my neurologists told me to quit my job. I started my YouTube channel to help other nail technicians and to share my knowledge so other nail technicians could achieve the same success my career had given me. I knew it would give me the joy to assist in their knowledge base, and I would be happy living vicariously through them, providing exceptional service to their clients. At the same time, I started the patent process to manufacture The Ergo Lift, an ergonomic hand rest that would prevent repetitive use injuries so nail technicians wouldn’t have to deal with the same injuries I had endured over my 25-year career. I began using my prototype, and my physical limitations improved dramatically within just a few months. I have been using The Ergo Lift for 2 years and have zero problems with my hands, wrist, shoulders, neck or back! I thought I was going to have to retire and The Ergo Lift has given me back my passion. “A successful career begins with the philosophy of prevention and preservation. ” I hope that you will never have to suffer from any repetitive use injury that I have dealt with over the years. You can have a long, healthy career using the Ergo Lift!

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